About Us

The OrthoMemphis division combines advanced technology, high quality patient care, and some of the region’s top musculoskeletal specialists.

OrthoMemphis is a division of MSK Group, P.C., an integrated orthopaedic practice of approximately 35 physicians. MSK began its current form in May 2008 when the physicians of Tabor Orthopedics, P.C. joined the OrthoMemphis doctors in MSK. The physicians of Memphis Orthopaedic Group, P.C. joined MSK in August 2009. This combination of three well-regarded orthopaedic practices facilitates opportunities such as sharing of expensive technology, reduction of the long-term cost of healthcare, sharing of clinical expertise, centralization of business and management functions, and the ability to consider strategic relationships with other orthopaedic providers throughout the region.

OrthoMemphis’ team of 18 doctors provides surgical and non-surgical treatment in general orthopaedic and subspecialty areas of sports medicine, spine, hand, foot & ankle, hip & knee, total joint replacement, treatments of bone and soft tumors of the extremities (benign and malignant) in children and adults, and workers’ compensation injuries.

Founded in 1969 by the late Dr. Larry Morrison, OrthoMemphis has long focused on the recruitment of Board Certified, fellowship-trained, and subspecialized medical staff. In the early 1970’s, Dr. Morrison was one of two Memphis surgeons who learned the technique of total hip replacement in England from Sir John Charnley, the “Father” of modern hip arthroplasty. Besides patient care and service to the community, OrthoMemphis physicians are actively involved in research activities that include the development of joint replacement devices for use in cancer treatment in children, and investigation using tissue engineering solutions to assist in soft tissue repair and joint cartilage restoration.

OrthoMemphis is driven by the desire to find new ways of providing quality patient care, quick access to a physician, and excellent service. This is, and always has been, our goal. Each patient should feel he or she has received the complete package, which is why OrthoMemphis is committed to having highly skilled doctors and physical therapists under one roof.

Beginning with one orthopaedic surgeon in 1969 and growing over the years to 17 doctors with cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic services, OrthoMemphis’ sights are set on the future.