FAD or FAB? MBT Shoes

MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) shoes are everywhere now.  The concept is for the shoe to provide the same experience as walking on soft, uneven ground, which proponents say is better for us.  As a healthcare practitioner, I get lots of questions about new products claiming to offer pain relief.  Do MBTs reduce the joint pain in the hips and knees?  Studies show no evidence of it.  Do the shoes help with weight loss?  In studies that compared MBTs with running shoes in terms of effect on metabolism, there was no change from wearing the MBTs, thus no additional weight loss.  Do the shoes reduce low back pain?  Possibly, due to reduced curvature of the spine.  If wearing MBTs gives you relief, or if you want to find out, go for it, it’s worth a shot.

My vote?  FAD!

by Casey Malone MPT, Cert. MDT, CMP

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