WORLD CLASS CARE. Our team is focused on returning you to an active lifestyle. It begins with our specialized orthopaedic surgeons working together with our physical therapists to design the optimal rapid recovery plan for you.

Urgent Care Clinic:  Walk-ins are welcome for immediate care of injuries, fractures, and sprains. (closed most major holidays)

Southaven Clinic: M- F: 8 am – 5 pm (Now Open) 

Memphis Clinic: M- Thurs:  8 am – 8 pm & Friday: 8 am – 5 pm

Specialized Hip Physicians: Our physicians spend an extra year training on hip injuries and conditions at a center of excellence under the supervision of a team of world renowned hip surgeons. This makes our surgeons fellowship trained and experts in hip injuries, conditions, and/or sports medicine.                           

Physical Therapists: Our Physical Therapists are specially trained to help patients safely retain their strength and flexibility while recovering from an injury or surgery. Strength, flexibility, and motion are the keys to returning patients back to an active lifestyle quickly.  Our Alter G treadmill allows patients to run at full speed with partial body weight which reduces the impact on the hip.

Total Hip with Anterior Approach:  With an anterior approach the interval between the muscles is utilized, which allows the muscles of the hip to easily spread apart.  So, unlike other hip surgical approaches, there is no detachment or cutting of the muscles during surgery. The hip may have more normal mechanics because you have not disrupted muscle connections, and the patient may have a more normal gait (walk). The goal is for the patient to have a smaller incision and less scarring, less usage of pain medication, a quicker return to function, reduced physical therapy requirements, and a reduced dislocation rate.

Benefits of this approach to surgery may include: potentially an easier recovery since the muscles have not been cut; allowing the patient to get a head start with physical therapy; lying on the back instead of the side; using X-rays during surgery to ensure proper alignment of the prostheses; better equalization of leg length during the procedure; decreased chance of dislocation.