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Steven Chipman, PT, DPT, SSRC


Steven is a physical therapist from Jackson, Tennessee.  He joined OrthoMemphis in 2007 after receiving his B.S degree from Union University in 2000 and Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree in 2006 from East Tennessee State University.

Recently, Steven completed his certification in Sports Specific Rehabilitation (SSRC), which acknowledges his expertise in developing rehabilitation exercises that can lead athletes to their peak performance following an injury and/or surgery. SSRC focuses on sports specific exercises and movements to help athletes return to function. The progressive nature of the exercises are meant to help athletes safely retain and improve their strength and flexibility, which may facilitate a faster return to sport for the athlete.

After work hours, Steven likes to relax with his wife, Lauren, his four children, and dog (named Johnny Cash).  He also runs in his spare time.  Steven and his wife both enjoy traveling and participating in medical mission trips.  Their last medical mission trip was to Kenya for eight weeks in January and February of 2007.