Physical/Occupational Therapy

WORLD CLASS CARE. Our team is focused on returning you to an active lifestyle. It begins with our fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeons and physical medicine physicians working together with our physical therapists to design the optimal rapid recovery plan for you.

Sports Medicine: Many of our Physical Therapists are high level athletes specially trained to help patients safely retain their strength and flexibility while recovering from an injury. Strength, flexibility, and motion are the keys to returning patients back to their sport and an active lifestyle quickly.  Our Alter G treadmill allows patients to run at full speed with partial body weight which reduces the impact on the injury.

Hand Therapy: Our Occupational Hand and Upper Extremity Therapists are specially trained in restoring motion and strength, as well as regaining dexterity to perform daily activities. In addition, our Certified Hand Therapist has completed over 4000 hours of hand and upper extremity therapy and completed the comprehensive test for advanced clinical skills and theory.

Aquatic Therapy: In the pool, patients can strengthen joints and improve flexibility in a buoyant setting. This comfortable environment allows decreased stress on joints for post-surgical patients and those with arthritic conditions. Our aquatic therapist has over 18 years of experience taking care of patients with a multitude of diagnoses and goals.

Spine Therapy: Several of our Physical Therapists are certified in The McKenzie Method, which  is an evaluation, classification, and treatment protocol for back pain that may decrease pain quickly, restore function and independence, and minimize the number of visits to the clinic or therapist. For complex cases, therapists are able to utilize an advanced hands-on technique to decrease pain and restore function. Patients are also taught exercises to use at home to manage their pain when symptoms start to occur and may decrease the intensity of the pain.

Alter G Antigravity Treadmill: Our Alter G Antigravity Treadmill allows athletes and patients the ability to run without the full impact of their body weight. This technology developed by NASA creates an antigravity environment that lets athletes and patients run at only 20% or more of their body weight. Utilizing this technology as part of a patient’s or athlete’s rehabilitation or training may help optimize their running or walking performance.

Slow-Motion Video Analysis & Physical Evaluation: Our Slow Motion Video Analysis records your current running technique which allows our physical therapists with expertise in proper running biomechanics to assess and analyze your technique. Our team of physical therapists are high level athletes, who can provide you with ways to efficiently improve your gait, stride, heel strike, arm swing, and posture to maximize your speed and performance. As part of your physical evaluation, your physical therapist will determine areas of improvement for strength, flexibility, and training as well.

Physical/Occupational Therapists