Claiborne A. Christian, M.D.

Dr. Christian has been taking care of Midsouth athletes and been an expert in the field of sports medicine for over twenty three years. During his fellowship at the University of Florida, he spent a full year of training on the treatment of sports related injuries and conditions at a center of excellence under the supervision of a team of world renowned sports medicine surgeons. He completed his residency in Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, Medical School at the Medical College of Virginia, and Bachelor’s Degree at Davidson College.

As a former college baseball player, Dr. Christian understands well the demands of rigorous training for sports, as well as the balance that is needed to optimize sports performance especially following an injury. He believes that orthopaedic care should be tailored to each patient and include a multidisciplinary approach including treatment, physical therapy, and athletic training services. With this approach, patient athletes are able to maintain strength and flexibility throughout their treatment which can facilitate a faster return to their sport or activity.

For over twenty years, Dr. Christian has lived and taken care of patients in Southaven and DeSoto County. He has a passion for taking care of student athletes and getting them safely back to their sport. He is thrilled to be the team doctor for Northpoint Christian School.

In April of 2015, Dr. Christian joined OrthoMemphis when his practice, Mississippi Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, merged with OrthoMemphis.