Surgery FAQs

The following are general FAQ’s for surgery scheduling:

What do I need to do regarding my insurance prior to my surgery?

The following are surgery FAQ’s patients may have:

When should I be at the hospital or surgery center for my surgery?

Arrive at least 1-1/2 hours before your scheduled surgery time.  If you were told to be at the facility at a certain time by our office, keep in mind that this is an estimated time, and you should expect a phone call from the facility the day before surgery to clarify your health information and your actual arrival time.

May I eat or drink before my surgery?

DO NOT eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your surgery.  This means no food, candy, gum, mints, or water.  DO NOT drink alcoholic beverages the night before surgery.

Is it alright to continue taking my regular medications before surgery?

What should I do if I become ill before my surgery?

Contact your surgeon’s Medical Assistant or OrthoMemphis’ surgery coordinator if you become ill or develop a fever before your surgery date.  Orthomemphis’ phone number is 901.259.1600.  In an emergency situation, call 911.

What should I bring with me to the hospital or surgery center?

If I am having outpatient surgery, may I drive myself home afterward?

If you are having outpatient surgery, a responsible adult needs to come with you, stay throughout your surgery, and drive you home.

Is there anything I need to know if my surgery will be performed at a Surgery Center?

If your surgery will be performed at a Surgery Center, a responsible adult will need to accompany you and remain at the surgery center during your procedure because your surgeon may wish to speak to him/her.  They will also need to drive you home afterward .

Medical Clearance for Surgery

If there is health history involving cardiac issues, stroke, insulin-dependent diabetes, or age 50+, you will be required to get a medical clearance from your Primary Care Physician.  When anesthesia is involved, this is a requirement of the anesthesia provider.

Hospitals and Surgery Centers

Click here to view the hospitals and surgery centers OrthoMemphis utilizes.