Hand Center

Every day is different for the physicians and therapists at the Hand Center of OrthoMemphis.  Our staff care for hand and upper extremity disorders ranging from the newborn throughout every stage of life.  While orthopaedic surgery has become subspecialized, hand surgeons are often the sports medicine, total joint, pediatric, and trauma specialists for the hand and wrist.

At OrthoMemphis, the Hand Center medical staff includes three fellowship-trained hand surgeons, Dr. Bill Bourland, Dr. Jeff Cole, and Dr. Dan Fletcher, and two certified hand therapists.  Academic credentials include completion of the CAQ (Certification of Additional Qualifications) exam as well as membership in the American Society for Surgery of the Hand.

The hand therapy and physician clinical areas are located immediately adjacent to each other within the Hand Center.  This allows a team approach to patient care and offers the opportunity for best clinical results.  Hand surgeons and therapists frequently exchange information about a patient’s care, check wounds, and revise the treatment plan as necessary.

All three hand surgeons are trained in endoscopic release of the carpal tunnel.  Dr. Bourland and Dr. Fletcher also perform percutaneous release of trigger fingers.

The Hand Center is pleased to offer two additional services for patients.  Dr. Bourland performs percutaneous needle fasciotomy (needle aponevrotomy) for Dupuytren’s contracture.  He is one of a few hand surgeons in the U.S. performing this procedure in-office without need for hospitalization.  Dr. Cole and Dr. Fletcher have received additional training to provide specialized surgical options for birth defects of the hand and upper extremity.