Joint Replacement (Adult Reconstruction)

Millions of Americans suffer each year from pain and lost mobility due to damage to the major joints of the body.  Although surgery is not the first option for treating joint pain, when the pain becomes severe and disabling, joint replacement may be the answer.  When other treatment options, including medications, weight loss, and exercise, fail to bring relief, it may be time to consider joint replacement.  In most people, joint pain is caused by osteoarthritis.  In this form of arthritis, the cartilage cushion that protects the bones in a joint becomes damaged, breaks down, and wears away, causing the joint to become stiff and painful.

The most commonly performed total joint replacements performed in the U.S. are total knee and total hip replacements.  Joint replacement can also be performed on shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, and ankles.  Total joint replacement can restore function and relieve pain, giving patients back their daily lives.

The surgeons at OrthoMemphis work closely with patients to work toward a goal of each total joint replacement surgery being a success, beginning with patient education prior to surgery to post-operative pain management and rehabilitation.

Joint Replacement Surgeons