Rehabilitation Services (PT/OT)

Physical therapy is an important component in the spectrum of care at OrthoMemphis. A multidisciplinary approach is utilized in the assessment and treatment of patients. With access to medical services, diagnostics, and state-of-the-art facilities, patients can get the most out of their treatment options. Our Physical Therapy Center includes a team of thirteen therapists specializing in the newest and most advanced forms of therapy including manual therapy, hand therapy, and aquatic therapy.

Manual therapy mobilizes joints and soft tissue structures to facilitate improved motion and healing. One such approach is the McKenzie Method for spine and neck. Therapists teach proper movement, exercises, and posture to manage pain and improve overall health.

Hand therapy plays an essential part in addressing injuries of the hand, wrist, elbow, and upper extremity. OrthoMemphis' hand therapists support our three fellowship-trained hand surgeons.

Aquatic therapy helps patients strengthen joints and improve flexibility in a buoyant setting. This comfortable environment allows decreased stress on joints for post-surgical patients and those with arthritic conditions.

The goal of OrthoMemphis’ physical therapy team is to treat every patient with the best individual care. Whatever your rehabilitation needs, OrthoMemphis can provide a customized and personalized treatment program for you.

Physical Therapists

Hand Therapists

*This center is part of the practice of OrthoMemphis and is owned and managed by the physician shareholders. Patients have the right to use a facility of their choosing.

Rehab Services