Spine Center

A multidisciplinary approach is used by the OrthoMemphis Spine Center in treating neck and back disorders.  The team uses the expertise of its physicians - fellowship-trained spine surgeon Dr. Sam Murrell and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialists Dr. Michael Sorensen and Dr. David Dowling - to provide a full range of spine care services.  Specialty-trained spine therapists provide comprehensive physical therapy.  The team approach includes a combination of medical evaluation and management, physical therapy, interventional spine injections, and spine surgery.


Dr. Sorensen and Dr. Dowling provide non-surgical care including various interventional spine injection procedures, such as diagnostic and therapeutic blocks and injections of the spine.  They also have advanced training and experience in performing electrodiagnostic studies (EMG-nerve conduction studies). 


Dr. Murrell manages a variety of spinal disorders that require surgery, including cervical and lumbar disc herniations, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, vertebral fractures, and tumors.


The team at OrthoMemphis Spine Center recognizes that the majority of spine conditions can be managed with non-surgical techniques.  If surgery is required, state-of-the-art techniques are utilized in the surgical procedure and the postoperative care, which facilitate restoration of function and relief of pain.


Spine Center Physicians