World Class Care: Our team is focused on returning you to an active lifestyle. It begins with our fellowship trained spine surgeon and physical medicine physicians working together with our Certified Spine Physical Therapists to design the optimal rapid recovery plan for you. Our goal is provide non-operative care for patients with neck and back pain through physical therapy, injection therapy, and home exercise programs. After all non-operative options have been exhausted, our patients will be referred to our spine surgeon for a surgical evaluation.

Specialized Spine Surgeon: Our spine surgeon spent one extra year treating only spine injuries and conditions for the neck and back at a center of excellence under the supervision of a team of world renowned spine surgeons. This makes our surgeon fellowship trained and an expert in spine injuries and conditions. Our spine surgeon uses minimally invasive techniques to reduce damage to the surrounding  tissue and muscle which may lead to faster recovery following spine surgery.

Back, Neck and Spine Physicians: Our physical medicine physicians are specialty trained in a variety of non-operative treatment options for spine injuries and conditions of the neck and back  that help restore function and optimize strength and flexibility.

Physical Therapists:  Our Physical Therapists are certified in The McKenzie Method, which is an evaluation, classification, and treatment protocol for neck and back pain that may decrease pain quickly, restore function and independence, and minimize the number of visits to the clinic or therapist. For complex cases, therapists are able to utilize an advanced hands-on technique to decrease pain and restore function. Patients are also taught exercises to use at home to manage their pain when symptoms start to occur and may decrease the intensity of the pain.