Sports Medicine Outreach

WORLD CLASS CARE. The Sports Medicine Outreach Program at ORTHOMEMPHIS provides hands-on assistance to lessen the possibility of athletic trauma by providing certified athletic trainers (ATCs) and/or team physicians to our partners. Our partners include Northpoint Christian School, Lausanne Collegiate School, Evangelical Christian School (ECS), St. George’s Independent School (SGIS), St. Agnes Academy (SAA), St. Dominic School (SDS), Hutchison School, Germantown High School, White Station High School, East High School, DeSoto Central High & Middle Schools, Hernando High & Middle School, and Greater Memphis Soccer Association (GMSA). These partnerships will allow athletes to optimize their sports performance through injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.

“We believe that fielding a team of sports medicine fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeons and full time certified athletic trainers is the best approach to caring for athletes” said Randy Holcomb, MD, president and managing partner of ORTHOMEMPHIS.

With OrthoMemphis’ commitment to maintaining quality orthopaedic care, the Sports Medicine Outreach Program and Certified Athletic Trainers are invaluable additions to the services we provide, as well as to the OrthoMemphis team.

Athletic Trainers