The Weigh In

How has your organization changed due to the current economic climate?

Ken Beasley, CEO, OrthoMemphis PC

OrthoMemphis has historically embraced several key tenets, which should continue to produce positive outcomes during this time of uncertainty. Stay close to your customers and partners. We have developed a program to see patients in the office with acute injuries typically within 24 hours. Innovate and invest prudently. We have deployed technology, such as a hybrid electronic medical record and filmless X-ray system. Know and protect your core business. We focus on our conservative and cost-effective approach to the care of patients through the development and refinement of non-surgical treatment such as physical therapy services, non-operative back treatment and other, less-invasive and costly approaches. Consider strategic relationships. In May, 2008, OrthoMemphis merged with Tabor Orthopedics and will merge with Memphis Orthopaedic Group this summer.

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