Work Injuries

WORLD CLASS CARE. At OrthoMemphis, we are committed to providing comprehensive service to workers’ compensation patients, employers, referral clinics, and insurance professionals. Our goal is to provide the employee with the highest level of medical care and assistance in the workers’ compensation environment. We understand the importance of prompt initial care, return to work, referral coordination, and communication with all parties. Our workers’ compensation program provides just that – a comprehensive process emphasizing prompt service for your workers’ compensation injuries, from emergency to specialist care. OrthoStat®, OrthoMemphis’ acute care clinic, is available for quick workers comp injury treatment.

Our workers’ compensation coordinator is dedicated to managing the program at all levels so that our services meet your needs. By having a single point of contact, OrthoMemphis provides communication and coordination between the clinic and your company. Our physicians are trained to perform Impairment Ratings and Independent Medical Exams (IME’s). State-of-the-art diagnostics, facilities, and therapy provide complete care for on-the-job orthopaedic injuries.

OrthoMemphis Spine surgeon, Sam E. Murrell III, M.D., has been appointed by the Governor as the healthcare representative to the Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council. Additionally, Dr. Murrell is listed on the Medical Impairment Rating Registry for the State of Tennessee and is approved to conduct Impairment Rating Medical Evaluations.